dcsimg Strengthening civil society engagement
Safety & Security: The objective is to deliver more effective and accountable policing services. The focus of activities will be on enhancing the service delivery capacity of the police and associated institutions as well as building partnerships across the security sector that will enhance responsiveness and accountability.
Justice: The objective is to improve access to justice and equitable results. Activities in this component will concentrate on enhancing the capacity of formal and informal justice institutions to deliver justice to all Nigerians effectively and efficiently, to ensure that all Nigerians are able to access and use all appropriate avenues to achieve justice and protect their rights.
Anti-Corruption: The objective is to strengthen the effectiveness of selected anti-corruption agencies. This component will focus on building the capacity of Nigerian anti-corruption agencies to work together to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute corruption cases across Nigeria.
Cross-Sector Coordination: The objective is to enhance cross sector coordination, linkages and oversight. The focus of activity in this component is on strengthening relationships and coordination between institutions from across the entire justice sector, including formal, informal and civil society organisations.

Strengthening civil society engagement

Strengthening civil society engagement in the justice sector

Civil society organisations have the potential to be an important driver of pro-poor change in Nigeria’s justice sector. The focus of our work is to demonstrate the benefits of a ‘bottom up’ approach in delivering local justice services.

Our work aims to improve the capacity of CSOs to engage more effectively in the sector and ensure that CSOS have a credible and respected voice that enables them to influence justice sector reform and policy development, monitoring/oversight processes and the delivery of services.

civil society

Who we work with

Justice focused CSOs: NGOs that represent the justice demand-side (federal and state levels)

Advocacy focused groups:

  • CLEEN Foundation
  • Legal Defense and Assistance Project
  • Access to Justice
  • Legal Resources Consortium

Service delivery focused groups:

  • Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action
  • Nigerian Bar Association
  • International Federation of Women Lawyers

The guidelines are a road map for the treatment of abused or violated women...it will put women at ease and help them be able to relate their experience."

Grace Eshiet, West African Network for Peace Building, member of group of CSOs that developed guidelines for responding to cases of violence against women

Gender-focused groupsBaobab for Women’s Human Rights

  • Mediacon; Partnership for Justice; WARO; KIND; WRAHP; WACOL

Service delivery agencies: agencies, ministries and departments

What we do

  • Develop the skills and capacity in the justice civil society sector
  • Form coordination groups that include CSOs that give users an opportunity to contribute to justice policy and practices
  • Work with CSOs to improve their evidence-based research activities and oversight capacity
  • Support gender-focused CSOs to raise public awareness about justice gender issues
  • Encourage the implementation of gender-sensitive laws and regulations
  • Assist service delivery agencies to effectively address gender based crimes

Delivering results

  • Total number of grants applications awarded, through the J4A CSO Grant Fund: 6 (Feb 2013)
  • Total value of grants awarded: N137M (£550,000)
  • Paralegals trained and provided services to two communities under the grant-funded Community Paralegal and Village Mediation Programme (Enugu)

Spotlight on Gender

  • Inclusion of gender issues in the constitutional reform process as a result of a CSO conference
  • Grant awarded for the creation of a Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Lagos state
  • 200 Umuada (daughters of the lineage) from four communities in Enugu trained on human rights
  • Targeted campaign (16 days in Lagos) raised awareness about violence against women and human rights
  • Worked with gender CSOs in Kaduna and Jigawa to develop plans for gender specific-activities


Did you know

  • CSOs have the potential to be an important driver of pro-poor change in Nigeria’s justice sector.
  • CSOs can play a key role in bridging the gap between users and government, promoting justice sector reform and providing services that would otherwise not be available from mainstream agencies.

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J4A Vision

A capable, accountable, responsive and integrated justice sector that is fair, equitable and accessible, with sustainable reform momentum that creates growing user confidence and respect amongst Nigerians.

J4A Goal

To improve personal security and access to justice for all Nigerians.

J4A Purpose

To improve the capabilty, accountability and responsiveness of the key organisations in the justice sector.

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